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Tilt tray towing trucks are also known as flatbed, slide, or rollback trucks. They have a large bed behind them and can be capable of towing several vehicles and heavy machinery. Tilt tray towing trucks are effective because they carry the car rather than towing it behind.

These trucks work by tilting the bed or tray and allowing the vehicle to drive onto the cargo area. They also have on-board winches or cranes that can pull and lift immobile or inoperable cargo.

What Service Does a Tilt Tray Tow Truck Provide?

A tilt tray tow truck provide the following services;

Vehicle Transport

Vehicle transport is a significant portion of tilt tray services. They can move both mobile and broken down vehicles to your preferred destination in quick time. Unlike some tow truck types, tilt tray transport can also handle small sedans, large SUVs, and even coaster buses.

Breakdown Service

Breakdowns are very stressful experiences. Besides the apparent interruption of your schedule, you now have a car that no longer drives. Luckily, towing services are available to help. The professionals can load your vehicle on to the tilt tray truck and transport it straight to your desired garage or other location.

Equipment Transport

Tilt tray towing services can also transport heavy-duty equipment like excavators and concrete mixers. These professionals also transport shipping containers of various sizes and weights.

Benefits of Tilt Tray Towing

Higher Weight Capacity

A flatbed tow truck can transport heavy-duty equipment that you can’t move any other way. They can tow vehicles and equipment several tonnes in weight with little to no manual handling.


Loading cargo with a tilt tray truck may take some time. However, it is still considerably less time than it would take to deliver the cargo by other means. Larger vehicles are slower, and they may not have on-board winch or crane mechanisms to load the cargo.

Specialised tilt tray towing services are also cost-efficient. With regular towing services, your car can be exposed to damage from road debris, as well as unforeseen traffic anomalies. However with a tilt tray truck, your vehicle sits safely on the bed, saving you any repair costs you might incur.


Our service offers tilt tray towing in Cranbourne and delivers with excellence.

Our experts know how to work a flatbed tow truck while securing your cargo and preventing accidents.

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