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There is nothing more annoying than breaking down and becoming disabled on the side of the road.  Not only is it annoying, but it can also be a safety issue, especially if stranded at night and/or in a remote area. 

The safety aspect is one thing, however there is also the delays in getting to your destination, being late to appointments and the possibility of needing to occupy young children for an extended period on the side of the road.

Breakdowns can present themselves in a variety of ways, such as;

  • Overheating

  • Flat Tyre

  • Flat Battery

  • Electrical fault

  • Computer fault

  • Mechanical failure

  • Fire

When a breakdown occurs, it's vital to resolve the situation as soon as possible.  If you cannot resolve the issue on it's own, its time to call for some assistance.

Some faults may be able to be rectified there and then but in most cases, your car or other vehicle will need a tow to either a mechanical garage or your home or workplace.

A call to 24 hour towing Cranbourne is a worthwhile call to make, to discuss how you can become unstuck on the side of the road or even in your driveway or garage.  If you're in the Cranbourne area, we are just minutes away to be able to assist in getting you off the road and back to a location of your choice.

We will discuss your issue in detail and provide a quotation before we tow.  The quotation depends on what is required, your pick up location and delivery destination.

Breakdowns can also occur any time of the day and night.  It is important that you have a local 24 hour fast towing service in Cranbourne and surrounding areas to get you on the move in the quickest possible time.  24 hour towing Cranbourne is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to be available during your time of need.

Experience, knowledge and qualifications are essential when engaging a towing company.  It is also crucial to feel at ease during what may be a very vulnerable time during a breakdown.  Our drivers are very good at what they do.  They are friendly, courteous and always put the customer first.

When calling 24 hour towing Cranbourne in the event of a breakdown, we will ask you the following;

  • Are you safe?

  • Has anyone been hurt?

  • Is your vehicle in a safe location (eg. off the road and not at risk of being hit)?

  • Where is the vehicle?

  • What type of vehicle is involved?

  • What is the problem?

  • Where do you need to go?

  • Will there be anyone available at the destination?

  • How many people are with you?

  • Have you arranged for anyone to pick you up (especially if more than you in the vehicle)?

If we are towing from your home or workplace, we will ask you;

  • Will there be someone to meet us at the location with keys?

  • Is the vehicle damaged?

  • Is the vehicle drivable at all?

  • Is the vehicle accessible?

  • Is the vehicle mobile (able to move on its wheels)?

  • Will you be travelling with the vehicle?

  • Will there be someone to meet us at the destination?

Considering the above before making a call to us will assist getting your assistance much faster.

If you have broken down and need assistance from a 24 hour fast towing company in the Cranbourne area, call us immediately and we will assist you in a matter of minutes.

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